Aortic arch

Chart Highlights-

Arch of aorta is also called aortic arch and it is the part of aorta. (for more detail, see aorta parts below)

Aorta part’s :

Aorta is arise from left ventricle of heart and it is divided into three parts. (See below)

1. Ascending aorta – Aortic sinus – Coronary artery (Right and left)
2. Arch of aorta – It gives three branches (see diagram)
3. Descending aorta

Aorta Branche’s :

1. Right and Left coronary artery (Arise from ascending aorta)
2. Carotid artery
3. Subclavian artery
4. Thoracic aorta
5. Abdominal aorta
6. Right and left common iliac artery