Stomach bed

Chart Overview- 

A. Stomach bed
B. Stomach posterior relation

Stomach bed is also called posterior relation of stomach because structures that form stomach bed are present posterior side of stomach.

Total eight structures form the stomach bed which is given below.

1. Diaphragm (left crus)
2. Suprarenal gland (Left side)
3. Kidney (Left side)
4. Splenic artery (It is the branch of coeliac trunk)
5. Spleen (Sometimes)
6. Pancreas
7. Transverse mesocolon
8. Splenic flexor of colon

NOTE : Please read all the structures 1 to 8 in sequence, don’t disturb the sequence.

NOTE : Stomach lies in left side of upper part of the abdomen so in stomach bed left sided viscera are present (see 1, 2, 3 point)

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