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Upper Limb Anatomy

Total number of questions - 10

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Q 1. Choose correct option about boundaries of anatomical snuff box -

A. Adductor Pollicis Longus
B. Abductor Pollicis Longus
C. Flexor Pollicis Longus
D. Extensor Pollicis Longus

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Q 2. Intertubercular groove contain -


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Q 3. Match 'column X' to 'column Y' 

‘Column X’
A. Medial epicondyle
B. Lateral epicondyle
C. Olecranon process
D. Radius head

‘Column Y’
a. Golfer's Elbow
b. Pulled Elbow
c. Tennis Elbow
d. Students Elbow

Choose correct option-

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Q 4. Which muscle is attached on coracoid process and coronoid process -

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Q 5. Match 'column E' to 'column F'

'Column E'
A. Brachialis
B. Flexor Pollicis Longus
C. Teres minor
D. Palmaris brevis
E. Brachioradialis

'Column F'
a. Median nerve
b. Musculocutaneous nerve
c. Radial nerve
d. Axillary nerve
e. Ulnar nerve

Choose correct option -

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Q 6. Some statements are given below -

A. Carple tunnel contain FDP, FDS, and FPL muscle tendon.

B. Winging of scapula is due to paralysis of long thoracic muscle.

C. Carple tumnel syndrome is due to compression of median nerve.

D. Wrist drop is due to radial nerve injury.

Choose correct option -

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Q 7. Which of following structures pierce clavipectoral fascia ?

A. Branch of 2nd part of axillary artery
B. Lateral pectoral nerve
C. Medial pectoral nerve
D. Cephalic artery

Choose correct option -

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Q 8. Posterior cord of brachial plexus supplies to which muscle -

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Q 9. Which structure are present on upper end of ulna bone -

A. Olecranon process
B. Coronoid fossa
C. Trochlear notch
D. Capitulum
E. Radial fossa

Choose correct option -

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Q 10. Which muscle form medial boundary of axilla -

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