Aorta part’s

If we want to understand the blood supply of the whole body, then we have to first read the branches of the aorta because aorta supplies oxygenated blood to our body. Here we will study the main arteries of the body into two parts. 1. Aorta part’s and it’s branches 2. Whole Body Blood Supply- […]

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Bell’s Palsy

Overview:  In this topic we covered – Facial Nerve branches Bell’s Palsy Bell’s Phenomenon Lagophthalmos Exposure Keratopathy Corneal Ulcers Epiphora or Watering Eye Paralytic Ectropion Treatment Facial Nerve: Branches Overview Greater Petrosal Nerve: Join Deep Petrosal Nerve ( from Sympathetic nerve plexus around Internal Carotid Artery ) and form Nerve of Pterygoid Canal Br. to

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