GallBladder stone

Complications of gallstone/cholelithiasis- 1. Obstruction of extra hepatic biliary apparatus and gastrointestinal tract 2. Compression of common hepatic duct and common bile duct 3. Fistula between gallbladder and it’s surrounding structures 1. Obstruction – A. Extra hepatic biliary apparatus (EHBA) – 1. Cystic duct (CD)Due to obstruction of cystic duct by gallstone it causes acute […]

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Femoral nerve

Overview 1. Femoral nerve and it’s branches 2. Cutaneous nerve of thigh 3. Patellar plexus 4. Muscles of anterior compartment of thigh 5. Hip joint nerve supply 6. Knee joint nerve supply 7. Clinicals In lower limb anatomy we study five main nerves 1. Femoral nerve 2. Obturator nerve 3. Sciatic nerve 4. Tibial nerve

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Anatomy questions

Overview- 1. Blood Supply 2. Anastomosis 3. Venous drainage 4. Covering 5. Nerve and plexus 6. Retinaculum 7. Boundaries and content 8. Joints 9. Viscera 10. NeuroAnatomy 11. Embryology 12. Histology 1. Blood Supply 1. Aorta parts and it’s branches 2. Heart blood supply (Aortic sinus) – Right and left coronary artery Question. Myocardial infraction

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Overview- We covered pterion anatomy into below points. 1. Fontanelle- Pterion2. Location- Temporal fossa3. Formation 4. Artery- Middle meningeal artery 5. Nerve- Auriculotemporal nerve6. Hematoma7. Surgical landmark 8. Fracture 1. In pediatrics we read four fontanelle- A. Anterior fontanelle or BregmaB. Posterior fontanelle or LambdaC. Anterolateral fontanelle or Pterion D. Posterolateral fontanelle or Asterion Mnemonic:

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Intermuscular Spaces

Overview- In this article we covered. • Quadrangular Space • Upper Triangular Space • Lower Triangular Space • Axillary Nerve • Lower Subscapular Nerve • Radial Nerve • Axillary Artery branches (PCHA and Circumflex scapular artery) • Brachial Artery branches (Profunda or Deep brachii artery) Mnemonic- 3 Spaces, 3 Muscles, and 3 Artery. 3 SPACES:

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Hip Joint

Ligaments of Hip Joint- Overview: In this article we covered. 1. Ligament of head of the femur 2. Acetabular labrum 3. Transverse acetabular ligament 4. Capsular ligament or fibrous capsule of the hip joint 5. iliofemoral ligament or Ligament of Bigelow 6. Ischio femoral ligament 7. Pubofemoral ligament You can easily understand all ligament of

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