lower limb anatomy

Talocalcaneonavicular joint

Chart Highlights- 1. Talocalcaneonavicular 2. Spring ligament 3. Bifurcate ligament As the clear by Talocalcaneonavicular joint, it is formed by three tarsal bones talus, calcaneal and navicular bone. It is ball and socket type joint. Ball is formed by calcaneal and navicular bone.Socket is formed by talus bone.  

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Genitofemoral nerve

Origin- Genitofemoral nerve arise from lumbar plexus. Root value- L1, L2 Branches- It is divided into two branches. 1. Genital Branch of Genitofemoral Nerve: As clear by it’s name, it is related to genital organ. It is the content of spermatic cord. 2. Femoral branch of genitofemoral nerve: As clear by its name, it is related to

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Hip Joint

Ligaments of Hip Joint- Overview: In this article we covered. 1. Ligament of head of the femur 2. Acetabular labrum 3. Transverse acetabular ligament 4. Capsular ligament or fibrous capsule of the hip joint 5. iliofemoral ligament or Ligament of Bigelow 6. Ischio femoral ligament 7. Pubofemoral ligament You can easily understand all ligament of

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