Eclampsia – 1. Convulsion present 2. Patient blood pressure >140/90 mm of Hg 3. Protein present in patient urine (Proteinuria) Magnesium sulphate toxicity (signs) – 1. Deep tendon reflex (Patellar reflex) – absent/decrease 2. Respiratory rate decrease – less then 16 /min (It’s check by pulse oximeter) 3. Urine output decrease – less then 30 […]

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Genitofemoral nerve

Origin- Genitofemoral nerve arise from lumbar plexus. Root value- L1, L2 Branches- It is divided into two branches. 1. Genital Branch of Genitofemoral Nerve: As clear by it’s name, it is related to genital organ. It is the content of spermatic cord. 2. Femoral branch of genitofemoral nerve: As clear by its name, it is related to

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Palmar arch

Chart Highlights- 1. Ulnar artery 2. Radial artery3. Superficial palmar arch4. Deep palmar arch5. Palmar metacarple artery 6. Common palmar digital artery 7. Proper palmar digital artery

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