Cubital Fossa

Overview 1. Features- Shape, Location & Homologous 2. Boundaries- Lateral, Medial, Apex, Floor, Roof & Floor3. Content- M B T R4. Clinicals- Blood Pressure Measure, Brachial Pulse, Intra Venous Injection, Collection of Blood Sample, Fracture, Volkmann’s Ischemic Contracture, 1. FEATURES This is triangular in shape- So it has three border- Lateral, Medial, Lower ( Base […]

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Bell’s Palsy

Overview:  In this topic we covered – Facial Nerve branches Bell’s Palsy Bell’s Phenomenon Lagophthalmos Exposure Keratopathy Corneal Ulcers Epiphora or Watering Eye Paralytic Ectropion Treatment Facial Nerve: Branches Overview Greater Petrosal Nerve: Join Deep Petrosal Nerve ( from Sympathetic nerve plexus around Internal Carotid Artery ) and form Nerve of Pterygoid Canal Br. to

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