cranial nerve

Cranial nerve

There are 12 pair of cranial nerve are present in our body. 1. Ophthalmic nerve 2. Optic nerve 3. Oculomotor nerve – It supplies to all eye muscles except superior oblique and lateral rectus. 4. Trochlear nerve – It supplies only one eye muscle, superior oblique muscle (SO)5. Trigeminal nerve 6. Abducens nerve – It […]

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Trigeminal Nerve

1. Ophthalmic Division of Trigeminal Nerve- (Sensory) • Frontal branch A. Supra Trochlear (Medial side)- Supply to the skin of the upper eyelidB. Supra Orbital (Lateral side) – Supply to the skin of upper eyelid and forehead • Nasociliary A. Infra Trochlear B. Anterior Ethmoidal- Supply to the nose.C. Posterior Ethmoidal- Supply to the nose.D.

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