Medical education

Intracranial hemorrhage

Overview – 1. SCALP layer’s 2. Meninges 3. Extra cranial or SCALP haemorrhage 4. Intra cranial hemorrhage 5. Cause Download here Layers from outside to inside – 1. Skin 2. Connective tissue 3. Aponeurosis or epicranial aponeurosis or galea aponeurotica 4. Loose connective tissue / Sub aponeurotic space 5. Pericardium / Outer periosteum 6. Outer […]

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Brain blood supply

Overview- 1. Vertebral Artery- 4th part (Five branches)2. Basilar Artery- Five branches 3. Internal Carotid Artery (ICA)- 4th part (Five branches)4. Circle of Willis (COW)- Draw hexagon 5. Cerebellum blood supply- Three artery 6. Clinicals- Stroke, Ataxia, PICA syndrome (Wallenberg syndrome or Lateral medullary syndrome) NOTE: Vertebral, and Internal carotid artery- • Both artery are

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Femoral artery

Femoral artery is the main artery of lower limb and here we study femoral artery into some points that are given below. Overview- A. Inguinal ligament B. Femoral triangle – Femoral sheath C. Femoral artery branches – Trochanteric and cruciate anastomosis D. Saphenous opening/hiatus – Content E. Clinicals- Femoral artery pulse – Mid inguinal point

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