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Cranial nerve

There are 12 pair of cranial nerve are present in our body. 1. Ophthalmic nerve 2. Optic nerve 3. Oculomotor nerve – It supplies to all eye muscles except superior oblique and lateral rectus. 4. Trochlear nerve – It supplies only one eye muscle, superior oblique muscle (SO)5. Trigeminal nerve 6. Abducens nerve – It […]

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Femoral triangle, sheath and canal

Chart Highlights- 1. Femoral triangle 2. Femoral sheath – It is divided into three compartment (Lateral, intermediate and lateral)3. Femoral canal – It is the medial compartment of femoral sheath.4. Femoral ring – It is the base of femoral canal.

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Stomach bed

Chart Overview-  A. Stomach bedB. Stomach posterior relation Stomach bed is also called posterior relation of stomach because structures that form stomach bed are present posterior side of stomach. Total eight structures form the stomach bed which is given below. 1. Diaphragm (left crus)2. Suprarenal gland (Left side)3. Kidney (Left side)4. Splenic artery (It is

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