The Charsi of Medical literature

Gastroesophageal reflux disease

What is GERD? Due to Reflux of gastric content/content from stomach to esophagus. Cause of GERD- Due to decrease lower esophageal sphincter (LES) tone, LES is not properly closed, as result gastric content reflux into esophagus and damage the mucosa of esophagus. (See Treatmentof GERD – Prokinetic drug) Treatment of GERD – 1. PPI (Proton

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Upper limb muscles

Overview- 1. Muscles present in pectoral region 2. Muscles present between ribs and scapula bone 3. Muscle present between vertebral column and humerus bone 4. Muscle present between scapula and humerus bone 5. Muscle present between scapula, clavicle and humerus 6. Arm muscles- Anterior and posterior compartment 7. Forearm – Flexor and extensor compartment 8.

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Femoral nerve

Overview 1. Femoral nerve and it’s branches 2. Cutaneous nerve of thigh 3. Patellar plexus 4. Muscles of anterior compartment of thigh 5. Hip joint nerve supply 6. Knee joint nerve supply 7. Clinicals In lower limb anatomy we study five main nerves 1. Femoral nerve 2. Obturator nerve 3. Sciatic nerve 4. Tibial nerve

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Anatomy questions

Overview- 1. Blood Supply 2. Anastomosis 3. Venous drainage 4. Covering 5. Nerve and plexus 6. Retinaculum 7. Boundaries and content 8. Joints 9. Viscera 10. NeuroAnatomy 11. Embryology 12. Histology 1. Blood Supply 1. Aorta parts and it’s branches 2. Heart blood supply (Aortic sinus) – Right and left coronary artery Question. Myocardial infraction

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